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Bathtub home improvement for older adults

on March 6, 2012

Walk-in bathtubs, also know as safety tubs are beneficial for many obvious ways. Thses may include reduction of slipping, easier enterance and exit to prevent falling, and the comfort of the warm water. Hydrotherapy is just a term for bathing in warm water, so if you see this term used while looking to buy one, don’t be discouraged. I decided to further look into the benefits of these sorts of tubs and what I found was interesting.

First of all, safety tubs actually take up less space than the average bathtub. I wouldn’t have guessed that at all, but its true. Safety tubs also offer more stability for the person using the tub allowing them to be more confident and more independent. More independence most likely will result in gaining back pride and a better attitude for the older people in our lives. Walk-in bath tubs fill up and drain faster than the usual tub so the person in the tub isn’t sitting cold for as long. The warm water along with the jets will do more than just warm you up, the combination will increase blood flow. Good blood circulation can provide many benefits for muscles and arteries. This is especially important for people with diabetes as they tend to have circulation problems in their legs. A review that I found also said that “bathing and soaking in hot water helps to boost the metabolism as well as encourages the quick healing of tissues and muscles. Hot water therapy encourages the release of endorphins, which are your feel-good hormones. This is why a nice hot bath helps you to feel peaceful and relaxed.  Bathing literally takes a load off, while working your elbows, ankles, knees and hips.” Bathing could lift up to 90% of a persons body weight off of sore joints, so more baths are encouraged! Walk in tubs come in all sorts of designs and sizes to fit your needs. I would definitely recommend this kind of bathing alternative. Below are some examples of walk-in safety tubs. http://www.walkinbathtubreview.com/features/hydrotherapy-walk-in-bathtub-offers-relaxing-therapeutic-bath





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